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Silence (Inner Peace Mix)

“Silence (Inner Peace Mix)” is an original music composition by Alfie Chua (Wavz) inspired by the experience of a quiet free diving into the deep sea of the ocean, going along with intimate but vital acts of breathing, hearing, feeling, introspecting our inner body as well as merging with microscopic non-human components.
The second half of the soundtrack is made of a progressive incremental rhythm of chords and deep basses corresponding to another phase of reconnection with the water surface, the air, the clouds, as well as with some vernacular human activities such as paddling with a canoe, fishing, washing clothes on the shores (connecting the sea with the river) that exist in traditional cultures in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and in South East Asia.
The “Silence (Inner Peace Mix)” soundtrack will be part of the full-length film “Dis/Placed – Ex/Changed”, 70 min. currently edited by Larys Frogier (Ocean) and scheduled to be finalized in 2024.