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CNA de-Coding New Asia

The following words are slogans simply taken as they are appearing on the TV screen while watching during the year 2021 Channel News Asia (CNA), a Singaporean Channel. We were stunned, shocked, amused as well as very critical about what could be the current representations of Asia from a local media. These statements do not reflect our own complex and dense experience of Asia and localities, but they raise a lot of questions related to a contemporary Pan Asia ambition, façade and image.
Living in China  and experiencing poor internet connection and satellite TV transmission , while watching CNA and other programs, we were experiencing regular shut downs of TV satellite with beautiful colored pixels on the TV screen. These abstract patterns made us breathing, soothing more and more in the middle of propagandas coming from everywhere, foreseeing better life.
Craving for an Elsewhere to a Nowhere. 
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