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Paola Pivi – Innumerable, 2012

SHARE, BUT IT’S NOT FAIR is a pretty strange title for an exhibition that puts on show four hundred red and yellow cushions hung from the ceiling, twenty-four bear skins which form a loop in space, more than one million white pearls which spring forth from a painting, nine fountains of colored liquids, innumerable threads of multicolored ribbons photographed, a multitude of miniature vases and chairs transformed into lamps, a print on canvas showing an airplane flying upside-down and transporting a community of individuals busy in their day-to-day activities.


At first sight, the works express nothing but the power and simplicity of forms, the diversity and generosity of colors and the subtlety of the ordering of objects in space. The first perception that predominates in the exhibition SHARE, BUT IT’S NOT FAIR is thus one of visual and aesthetic jubilation.


A specialist of contemporary art, accustomed to cultivating a necessary critical distance from works of art and often demanding from them a form that is, at a minimum, serious and conceptual, could very well misinterpret Paola Pivi’s œuvre in reducing it to a simple strategy of aesthetic seduction.