Curating exhibitions and art projects is a precious practice as long as it relates to sincere engagement with artists and fruitful cooperation with art organizations in order to activate concepts, to invent creative formats of visibility, to make enjoyable collective learning activities.
Having a solid expertise in the contemporary art scenes and a long experience in exhibition making, we are constantly developing an international network of independent artists, curators, researchers, as well as with public/private art institutions.


With an educational background of art history and curatorial studies in Europe, having conceived and curatorial projects in different organizations in Asia, we do believe that such multi cultural horizons can produce beautiful artistic experiences and cultural encounters between people.



Larys Frogier has facilitated multiple partnerships with international institutions such as Berardo Foundation Lisbon, Dancing Museum-Boris Charmatz Rennes, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Torino, Department of Chalcography Louvre Museum Paris, NTU CCA Singapore, Maumaus School of Visual Arts Lisbon, Palais de Tokyo Paris, Para Site Hong Kong, Tramway Glasgow, Portikus Frankfurt… Around the international Atlantic arc, Larys Frogier has curated long term artistic projects (residencies, exhibitions, publications) exploring the links and ruptures between Africa, Europe, and the Americas: Just A Walk (2006 with Jocelyn Cottencin), Pipedream Alexandre Perigot (2007-2009), Social Landscape (2010), Allan Sekula (2011-2012), Algerian openings (2003).


He (co)curated many exhibitions with international artists: Adel Abdessemed (2021, 2003), Felix Gonzales-Torres (2016 with Li Qi). Paola Pivi (2012, 2007), Philippe Parreno (2017), Trinh T. Minh-ha (2021-22), Ugo Rondinone (2014, 2003 with Odile Lemée, David Perreau), Tobias Rehberger (2019 with Billy Tang), Barthelemy Toguo (2000), Yang Jiechang (2011)… as well as research projects and group exhibitions such as Curtain (2020-22 with Cosmin Costinas, Celia Ho, Anqi Li, Billy Tang, Xu Tian Tian), Walking on the Fade Out Lines (2018 with Hsieh Feng Rong), From Gesture to Language (2013 with Pascal Torres Guardiola), Risk The Real (2009), Campy Vampy Tacky (2002 with Alain Buffard), Ex-Change (1999).