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Ya Vae 2019

Ya Vae (夜饭)2019


Each year, the Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) conceives a unique event dedicated to its honorary board members, patrons, sponsors, celebrating  the Museum’s vision and art projects, gathering international and local art communities. 


Differently from a usual annual gala dinner, RAM invented the Ya Vae concept as an evolving art event, inviting Chinese and international performers, visual and sound artists who wish to develop creative projects with open minded ideas and daring practices, contributing to the Rockbund Art Museum vision, aims and programs.


For its 2019 Ya Vae edition, RAM partners with Ocean & Wavz to celebrate how the museum VISION can become a reality because of individuals, a team, artists and curators who are able to convey unique emotions and thoughts. Thus Ya Vae 2019 will celebrate the precious contribution of RAM team for making possible: exciting art projects, daring curatorial practices, challenging productions, and creative connections with the audience. 


The 2019 key concept of  Ya Vae is D-RAM-A


D-RAM-A as a format that questions exhibition practices in relation to performance, theater, opera, music.
D-RAM-A as a “clin d’oeil” to give voices to the life of RAM team including challenges, difficulties, frictions, oppositions, achievements, success, excitement, desire, exhaustion, fierceness.

D-RAM-A as a practice of narration that emerges from different projects that happened at RAM.

D-RAM-A as an uncomfortable, unstable, unsecured zone that is always looked after by RAM team since such zone is openly embeded and claimed in RAM vision.
D-RAM-A will unfold a meaningful spectrum of ideas and colorful emotions such as  desire, passion, anger, tenderness, perseverance, rupture, reconciliation, resistance, openess.

D-RAM-A as a full art event will blend video projections of texts and images, DJ sessions, drinks & food, speeches, team performances, dance music after party.
From the selection of the food by RAM team members to the writing of texts and the acting of performances, D-RAM-A sincerely reflects RAM soul and signature, as well as the diversity and the engagement of the individuals in the team, extending and enriching RAM Vision.
IMPORTANT: from the welcoming to the closure of the event, the team will be fully engaged to act these ideas and emotions. It is not only about event process, it is about making and acting full stories including the guests.