Creating your very best profile for SoulGeek.com (Geek Relationship)

Every dating website has its own spin regarding the matchmaking profile style. In this show, We’ll have a look at a number of the various profile forms and how it is possible to create your best profile for this particular solution. SoulGeek is actually a dating service that provides only those exactly who explain themselves as geeky.

The main human body on the profile contains two 600 personality cardboard boxes – one to explain your self, an additional to explain the geek you have always wanted. I like that they keep circumstances brief and nice in the primary profile, as it departs area for any geeking around afterwards:

SoulGeek’s profile lets you truly geek completely and explain all the stuff which you obsess over – whether that end up being Star Wars, RPGs, SCA, programming, whatever you decide and fancy! There is a propensity to get some longwinded, but on a site as niche because this one, you are among those who understand, therefore I state do it!

If you check down that you like SCI-FI inside interests, there are two bins within profile that one can decide to fill in. Initial asks exactly why you fancy sci-fi plus the next requires one to record some of your favorite sci-fi flicks, shows, guides, authors, etc. you will get comparable cardboard boxes for every additional geeky passions you examined down. It’s not necessary to fill these out! Its all your responsibility.

Among niftiest questions questioned from the SoulGeek profile so is this one:

“essentially if I could possibly be any character from realm of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Animation flicks, tv, comics, games, literature, etc… I would end up being ______________________ in real life I’m a lot more like _______________.”

So if you’d want to end up being Han Solo, but see your self similar to JarJar Binks, here’s the place to admit the aspirations (plus embarrassment). What’s amazing about this question for you is which just makes enough room to place the name, no actual sort of description. A perfect first contact mail for SoulGeek is always to ask the person precisely why they chose those particular characters. It is a pretty low-key and simple solution to make new friends – which is in which all fantastic times begin!

SoulGeek permits around four profile pictures. As an online dating member, you must have a minumum of one real photograph of your self. After you’ve had a genuine image authorized, you can easily publish your avatar of preference. (Non-dating members can decide to simply publish an avatar and no genuine photographs.) I recommend one close-up of the face, one complete body try, as well as 2 additional photos of your preference – but hey, it really is a geek niche web site, consider pictures of yourself geeking around? (My SoulGeek – non-dating!! – profile reveals me and my personal Dungeons & Dragons guides.)

SoulGeek requires just a little much longer to accept your own profile compared to the huge package sites, but that’s because a proper individual checks out your profile before giving it stay. SoulGeek is passionate about the level of customer care they give you with regards to their members and do not permit fakes, spammers, or fraudsters survive on their web site! Usually great to know that your dating website is wanting down for you personally, actually it?

Would like to know a lot more about SoulGeek? Read the meeting used to do featuring its president, Dino Andrade, and discover more about geek love additionally the reputation of SoulGeek.com.