Founders of the artist studio OW for Ocean & Wavz, we are Larys Frogier and Alfie Jules Chua, engaged in electronic music composition and sound design, video making, poetry and research writing. 


Originating from Europe, Asia and the Pacific archipelagos, we have been developing since 2018 music and art projects based on heterogeneous combinations of different cultural references in order to share emotional and critical perspectives.


We started our collaborative work in 2018 in Shanghai and, in 2020, we legally established in Singapore our first artist studio called WAVZ. However, the current contexts of censorship and oppression in China and Singapore prevent us from expressing ourselves fully and freely. We have then moved to Paris in 2022 and are now locating our artist studio to France under the label OW in order to build artistic bridges between Europe, Asia and the Pacific.


We do not fit exclusive disciplines of visual art, music or writing. Our paths have simply found each other to finally make the sincere choice to engage in art creation as a practice of life. Beyond any area, identity, category or genre, we cultivate constructive paradoxes to ensure unparalleled experiences.


Our music creations and sound environments are accessible through Beatport, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


We welcome artists for future collaborations and projects!

What We Do & News

Our practices develop and intertwine research and creative projects that explore and question:
. The possibilities of an oceanic vision and practice of art.
. The importance of non-human elements touching on the notions of anomaly, of self-transformation exceeding the questions of identity and gender.
. The relationship to language in its capacity to turn conventional forms of narration and performativity inside out.
. The critique of the current devices of control and surveillance that are conceived and exploited by financial and political organizations to serve ideologies and various profits.
. The power of “poor” images in contemporary contexts of overproduction and overconsumption of images by the users themselves.


Sound creation

. Composition of electronic music tracks
. Creation of sound environments for collaborative projects 
. Collection of sounds from the everyday life
. Conception of and participation in different events: DJ sessions, musical events with a specific interest of rethinking societal practices of living together.



. Poems
. Aphorisms
. Long term research essays 


Image making

. Videos
. Photographs
. Installations
. Performances



October 2021


September 2021